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Partners are to use ExpSourcing™ platform to find the right Professionals, on various skill to start on immediate Projects. ExpSourcing™ is a complex platform which has search and categorization functions for Partners to select Professionals around the region on their skills, review, their expecting fees, availability.


VTC provide an ExpSourcing platform for the partners to find the right professionals, experts on various skills around the world to start on immediate Projects needs. VTC will provide comprehensive administration, accounting, tax and payroll services to individual professionals and Partners from abroad or locally, thereby creating benefits to both the Partner and the Professionals. VTC’s Partners are mostly consulting firm or international firm. VTC will charge the Professionals on fees which is a saving from the professional’s taxation.

Benefits of Professionals:
·  shorter waiting time from projects to projects
·  increase net disposable income
·  reduce administration requirements such as collection
·  avoid the need to set-up and run a company
·  maximize superannuation benefits
·  be covered for compulsory insurances
·  receive guidance on the most suitable tax options
·  get reimbursed for business expenses
·  no statutory returns and obligation
·  receive a managed cash flow

Benefits of Partners:
·  with access to CVs and possibly of immediately fulfillments
·  low inventory cost, no fix cost involved when project finish
·  less paperwork with electronic invoices from VTC
·  reduced costs through reduced administration such as visa, etc
·  removes the responsibility of tax collection and payment to statutory bodies, GST
·  no responsibility for unfair dismissal if contract terminated
·  covered with general liability and workers compensation insurance
·  no longer need to pay agency fees of replacement


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